How to Differentiate to Compete and Win in Today’s Data Center and Mission Critical Marketplace.

"Harvesting Opportunities & Technologies"

General Conference Info

This year's second event that the Allied Testing and Commissioning Council is offering is being held on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at the G Collection Cars Venue and the IO Data Center. Architects, Engineers, Designers, General Contractors, Electrical Contractors and Data Center-owners come together in the full-day summit to present and discuss where the opportunities are for new 'disruptive-technologies' in mission critical operations the Valley.

Program and Breakout Sessions*

*Subject to Change

The Allied Testing and Commissioning Council will provide a special session that includes a Keynote Panel Discussion of ‘How to Deal with Disruptive Technologies in Mission Critical Operations, an AATC University Data Center Campus Update, and several breakout training sessions, featuring ATOM Power's Digital Circuit Breaker, Natural Cycle Energy / R4 Ventures' Real-Time Data Center Cooling System, Leadership Logic's "The Intentional Data Center Leader" and "Women in the Technology World", plus much more! Every segment is themed around where the development opportunities are in the short term, with an eye on long-range development trends.  Attendees benefit from hearing from top officials in local agencies and decision-makers at the largest active developers in the Valley.

Why Attend?

Learn about opportunities from the data center industry insiders who are either making the deals happen or influencing how they come together
Hear from thought-leaders on trends and market insights you won’t hear elsewhere
Network with dealmakers and mission critical industry professionals who will help your development projects be delivered to market

Who Should Attend?

Data Center Design/Build Firms

OEMs Original Equipment Manufacturers

Electrical Trade Associations
Finance Professionals who lend on Development projects
Support services who bring value to new data center development projects


"The Dawn of the Digital Circuit Breaker"



Joshua Feinberg

How to Differentiate to Compete and Win in Today’s Data Center and Mission Critical Marketplace.

NETWORKING Breakfast - Main Conference Hall

8:00 am - Continental Breakfast


See rare classic car collection and meet our Exhibitors!

PANELISTS - Main Conference Hall

12:30 pm - Lunch served at NOON

VIP-Guest of Honor

BREAKOUT SESSIONS - Upstairs Theater

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Presenters

CFRT | AATC University 

BREAKOUT SESSIONS - Upstairs Theater

10:00 am - 12 Noon: Presenters

E1-Dynamics | R4 Ventures | Service Logic

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Leading the Dynamic of Change!TM

Wendy Dietzler, VP, Education and Conferencing

Critical Facilities Summit

From 'Classical to Digital'...Learn what's in store for the next-generation Data Center!


OPENING SESSION - Main Conference Hall

8:45 am - Introduction of Sponsors & Presenters

VIP KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Main Conference Hall

2:00 pm - Ryan Kennedy, PE

Thought Leadership Panel Discussion on Education in Mission Critical Operations - "The pragmatic approach to Data Center Training"

KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Main Conference Hall

9:00 am - Joshua Feinberg

Ryan is founder and CEO of Atom Power. He has been in the electrical design, project leadership, and engineering industries for over 22 years. A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Ryan began his career as an electrician and worked on large commercial projects for 5 years before starting his study of electrical engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Once Ryan received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Magna Cum Laude from UNCC in 2004, he continued full-time in his career as a Project Manager for a large electrical contracting and engineering firm. As Project Manager, Ryan negotiated and built some of the most high profile projects in the southeast for several large corporations. Having managed and built over $90-million in construction projects and built over 4-million square-feet of building space, his connections within the industry reach across the world to many building owners and property developers that he has successfully built powerful relationships with. He is an NCEES record holder and a Professional Engineer in five US states and is an active member in IEEE, CLT Joules, and board member of UNCC Electrical and Computer Engineering.



Dr. Darrell Richardson, CEO

R4Ventures/Natural Cycle Energy

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Break Out Sessions Theater

Presenters / Panelists
Meet the Innovators!

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Thought Leadership Panel Discussion on Education in Mission Critical Operations - "The pragmatic approach to Data Center Training"

Nelson Echesabal, Western RSM

E1 Dynamics



Dr. Timothy Oergel

Founder/CEO - AATC University

Allied Testing & Commissioning Council


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ryan Kennedy, PE

CEO at ATOM Power

Dr. Bruce Myatt, P.E., CEO

Critical Facilities Round Table

CLOSING SESSION - IO Data Center - Main Entrance / Theater

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Tours & Networking

IO Data Center | Baselayer | Allied Testing Cx Council 


VP / Co-Founder - SP Home Run Inc.



Greg Crumpton, Founding Equity Partner & Advisor

Atom Power