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Business statements


To enlist, activate, and educate the Energy and Information Technology market sectors, (namely, Data Centers and other Mission Critical Operations), and positively affect their knowledge of, and defined usefulness for newly developed research and applications of disruptive technologies for the betterment of our country's infrastructure.


02. Our Mission and Purpose

To facilitate our VISION by providing a platform of 'Best-Practices' guidance and training with regards to testing and commissioning of the aforementioned disruptive technologies.


03. Nationwide Support 

Conference training programs will be facilitated nationwide by six regional chapters developed through the organization's Charter Members, (AATC University, AZ Technology Council, and Leadership Logic, LLC.).

Dr. Tim Oergel


ATCx Council


Executive Summary


In January 2016, the AACHE Accreditation Commission recognized, and AATC University endorsed the ATC Council for Electrical Testing Equivalency labeling on Approved Testing & Commissioning Methodologies for Conformity and Compliance to the ATC Council's standards.

Plans are underway for a major announcement in the Summer of 2018 at the US National White Water Center in Charlotte, NC. Our organization takes into consideration the current use of electrical standards, but advances the testing protocols to the next level by adopting testing and commissioning procedures for new 'disruptive technologies' integrated into equipment and systems not currently examined by the industry.


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